Lion Japan Toothpaste Strawberry

Lion Japan Toothpaste Strawberry


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Japanese toothpaste LION KIDS is a therapeutic and protective toothpaste. It can fix several problems at a time, since it strengthens the dentin and prevents teeth from cavities and decaying.

The toothpaste is formulated with the enzyme dextranase (DEX), which helps to break down and remove plaque.

Another ingredient, sodium fluoride helps teeth absorb calcium and other minerals, thus contributing to re-mineralization of the enamel to make teeth stronger and prevent cavities effectively.

LION paste contains a soft, midly cleansing scrub that completely removes plaque from children’s teeth, including that from sweets and milk.

The toothpaste also contains xylitol, a natural sweetener, which makes the taste pleasant for children.

The paste is good for children of any age, once your baby’s first teeth come through.

The paste has a pleasant flavor of strawberries.

It has a compact, colorful tube with an easy-to-open lid.

Additional Information

All children’s toothpastes in Japan can be used for teeth brushing as soon as the first tooth comes in, that is, they are good for children from six months onwards. They are completely safe if swallowed and even tasty, and they perfectly cope with their basic purpose, helping your child to love the process of teeth brushing.


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