Apple Baby Slide

Apple Baby Slide



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The iFAM Apple Baby Slide is a baby-only slider (0-3 years) that can be safely put into a compact size for fun and excitement for the child who just started.


  • My first playground in my life: A big gift that gives vitality and pleasure to the monotonous play
  • iFAM Babyroom x Apple Baby Slide: When you meet the iFAM Baby Room, it becomes a fun and exciting playground
  • Height Adjustment 13 – 17 inch: Add height adjustment feature to account for the child’s growth stage
  • Safety + Safety + Safety: The small size that can be taken by the child, safe handle, side board rising, integral stair, non-slip protection, wide arrival point
  • Interior point of my house: Pretty apple-shaped sensibility design and trendy color give excellent interior effect



Deep Blue, Grey


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